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At the Homeless Coalition of Jasper and Newton Counties, we believe that everyone deserves a place to call home. Homelessness is not just a national issue; it’s a local one that affects our friends and neighbors right here in our community. By joining our coalition, you become an integral part of a compassionate group dedicated to making a real difference.

Join the Homeless Coalition of Jasper and Newton Counties!

Why Become a Member?

As a member, your voice is amplified. You’re not just supporting our mission financially; you’re enabling us to advocate for policy changes, provide critical services, and raise awareness about homelessness in Jasper and Newton Counties. Your membership means we can:

  • Offer more comprehensive support services
  • Increase our outreach programs
  • Grow educational initiatives to prevent homelessness
  • Provide emergency assistance to those in need

Membership Options

Individual Membership: $5 For less than the cost of your morning latte, you can contribute to a cause that transforms lives. Your individual membership is a vote for change and a step toward ending homelessness.

Group or Organization Membership: $25 Unite your group or organization under the banner of compassion and community service. Your collective membership not only contributes more resources but also demonstrates the power of community-led initiatives.

Every member brings us closer to a future where no one has to wonder where they’ll sleep at night. Together, we’re not just helping individuals; we’re strengthening the fabric of our community. Your membership is more than a contribution; it’s a statement that you believe in the power of unity and action.

We invite you to stand with us. Whether you’re an individual looking to make an impact, or a group or organization ready to lead the charge in your community, your membership matters. Join the Homeless Coalition of Jasper and Newton Counties today, and let’s build a better tomorrow together.